University of Hull to provide NOVUS Lite placements program to students


Having extended from University of Huddersfield to Aston University in 2017, and University of Derby in 2018, University of Hull is the latest university to benefit from NOVUS’ “NOVUS Lite” offer. NOVUS Lite provides students studying courses with a logistics, supply chain or operations management component with summer placements and placements for their third year. Additional benefits include guest lectures, mentoring and exposure to the 25 sponsor companies that support NOVUS for graduate employment.

The University of Hull was founded in 1927 and its Business School, established in 1999, is home to logistics and supply chain. 

“NOVUS has always been a landmark of innovation and high-quality programmes of study in logistics and supply chain management. We are proud to join the NOVUS family by taking part in the NOVUS Lite scheme, which will run at Hull University Business School from September 2018,” said Dr Alessandro Creazza, Director of UK Recruitment and Partnerships, University of Hull.  “Situated at the edge of the UK’s busiest port complex and energy estuary, the Humber Port Complex, i Hull University Business School is in a strategic location with abundant investments in cutting-edge logistics facilities. This makes Hull an exciting next step in the NOVUS project to deliver supply chain management talent, thanks also to its long-standing tradition of logistics teaching and the synergies with our renowned Logistics Institute. With four Universities on board and its plans for growth, NOVUS is definitely going to continue to change the landscape of logistics and supply chain management education and to raise the profile of the profession.”

NOVUS is committed to providing superlative graduates as the long term, strategic answer to the serious skills gaps and shortfall of graduate talent evident in the logistics profession.