What’s Think Logistics

‘Think Logistics’ is an industry-led initiative which involves experts working in Logistics visiting a school or college to educate a group of 16-19 year olds on the Logistics industry and the opportunities that exist.

Think Logistics involves the following;-

Stage 1: A representative from a local logistics company will visit a school (we recommend liaising with Career Ready who have a network of schools to choose from) and run the ‘Introduction to Logistics’ workshop designed by the steering group. All the documents you need are available in the download area and copies can also be provided by Career Ready or Steve Granite. The introduction involves some facts about the industry, what kind of careers are available and also some interesting tasks which test;

  • Ability to work in a team and alone
  • Financial / maths skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Time management skills
  • Presentation skills

It will also give some real life examples of how logistics plays a key role in getting essential items on to the supermarket shelf. This session lasts around 4 hours and tends to be delivered to groups of 30-50 students.

Stage 2: We will then select a smaller group (10-15 students) to progress to stage 2 based on who is interested in finding out more and who the school/college and the employer thought was deserving of further investment. This stage includes a visit to the Logistics company where they will deliver 4 bite size sessions including;-

  • A recap on stage 1
  • Chance to get inside a truck & see the trailers
  • Tour of a warehouse to offer a first hand look at how a warehouse works
  • Further insight into the office functions and the systems used including transport planning, accounts, marketing etc

This session lasts approximately 2 hours depending upon the size of the operation.

Stage 3 (Not complusory): Some companies will then offer a student (or more than 1 in some cases) either/or some work experience, a 6 week paid internship (minimum wage + £1 per hour) or a full time apprenticeship. This is not compulsory but would be fantastic to see companies making an investment in the young people who shine during the process.

All the material has been developed ready for you to present at a school – all you need to do is contact Ian Nichol from Career Ready at ian.nichol@careeracademies.org.uk and he will help setup your Think Logistics session.

If you would like to speak to the founder of Think Logistics, Steve Granite for a further insight into the aims and objectives then he is available at steve.granite@abbeylogisticsgroup.com

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