What is Think Logistics?

Think Logistics works to make the logistics, transport and supply chain profession an attractive career of choice. In partnership with leading industry bodies and prominent logistics companies, Think Logistics immerses secondary school, college and university students in the world of logistics through workshops, mentoring, internships, work placements and more.

Why Think Logistics Exists

Think Logistics aims to give young people an insight into the fast-paced, well paid world of logistics and to provide an understanding that the profession is much wider than its ‘trucks and sheds’ reputation. There is a chronic skills shortage in the logistics sector and current labour market information states that this will only worsen, as 49.2% of the workforce is set to retire by 2027 (LMI for All, 2019). As such, there has never been a better time for young people to step into logistics and step up the career ladder at pace – nor for the profession to work together to promote itself to those young people and secure the next generation of logistics professionals.

Think Logistics aims to:

  • Provide young people with a better understanding of what the logistics sector does
  • Raise awareness of the different routes into logistics, such as degrees, apprenticeships and direct entry roles
  • Encourage young people to consider logistics as a profession of choice when they are making career decisions



How does Think Logistics deliver?

Through our logistics company supporters, Think Logistics works with schools, colleges and universities throughout the UK to deliver workshops that show young people the exciting opportunities available in the logistics sector.

For students interested in learning more, our supporters provide mentors, work placements and employment opportunities. Think Logistics is supported by our partners – Career Ready, a national charity that works to boost social mobility by linking employers with educators and NOVUS, a not-for-profit organisation under the umbrella of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK (CILT UK), which focuses on encouraging young people to study logistics at university.


Career Ready Novus Trust

Think Logistics

Corporate Partners

Think Logistics is lucky to have the support of a variety of companies, from large multi-national corporations to membership organisations and more. This variety is what makes Think Logistics an exciting prospect for students and part of the reason for our success.

The positive media coverage around logisticians as key workers has meant that, now more than ever, young people are thinking logistics! As such, we are always looking for companies to support Think Logistics by becoming a Career Ready corporate partner. Organisations see a whole host of different benefits from supporting Think Logistics and we’d be delighted to discuss how your company can get involved.

Email enquiries@think-logistics.co.uk to find out more!




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