Andy Kaye wins Lifetime Contribution Award at Talent in Logistics 2018


Think Logistics Board Member and Bis Henderson CEO Andy Kaye won the ‘Lifetime Contribution 2018’ award for his work in helping to transform young people’s perception of the supply chain and logistics sector and helping to bring fresh talent into the profession.

Andy has been instrumental in shaping the face of the industry through an unwavering commitment to mentoring other professionals, working tirelessly to promote the profession, volunteering his time and investment into launching innovative initiatives to help bring desperately needed new talent into the sector.

Having launched Bis Henderson in 2008, Andy focussed on the recruitment of talented professionals within the industry. With limited opportunities for formal development, and decreasing interest from young people, he was one of the first to recognise and act upon the widening ‘skills gap’ within this continuously growing sector. Andy made it his mission to help close this skills gap by engaging with those who may not have previously considered a future in supply chain and logistics, and creating opportunities in the sector that may have been lacking previously.

In 2014, Andy launched the Novus Trust which has been successfully motivating young people to study supply chain and logistics through specialist degree courses. Inspired by the success of Novus, he then conceived Bis Henderson Academy, to focus on developing talent through apprenticeship level training. He is an active board member of the Think Logisticsinitiative, who work to attract, retain and develop talent through UK wide workshops and events – they’re also embarking on a nation-wide campaign to engage with young people across multiple channels to highlight the benefits and widely unknown opportunities the profession has to offer young people. You’ll also see him at various industry events across the country, generating awareness of the skills gap, inspiring the industry to start actively doing something about it.

Andy’s infectious passion is built into the ethos of Bis Henderson Group – today’s supply chain sector is one of the world’s most sophisticated, vibrant, and important industries, underpinned by the very latest technology.

Industry projections for the UK suggest that an additional 500,000 highly skilled people will be needed in the sector by 2017. Additionally, to keep up with the gathering pace of change in the industry, the skills, capabilities and knowledge of supply chain leaders will have to be second to none.

Currently the demand for the high-calibre staff to fill these challenging roles is also projected to outstrip the supply of suitable candidates – that’s why Andy’s work is so fundamental, and why everyone at Bis Henderson is incredibly proud to be a part of such a forward-thinking organisation, pivotal to solving the problems we face as a sector.