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In addition to the case studies below, you might be interested in the Think Logistics You Tube playlist, where you can hear more from the NOVUS and Career Ready alumni featured in our first video. If you’re considering university, the NOVUS website shares more case studies of recent graduates who have entered the logistics profession!

Lee Hawkins, FTA Young Driver of the Year, Greggs Plc

“My favourite part of the job is being out driving and in control of the vehicle. It gives me a sense of responsibility and it also makes it seem like I am my own boss whilst out making deliveries.”

Conor, Career Ready student, Abbey Logistics

“When I first joined Career Ready, I thought logistics was just about trucks, but I now know it’s a lot broader than that, with lots of careers! The internship has given me an insight into what I could be doing in the future and has made me more determined to go into accountancy and do an apprenticeship.”

Emily, Career Ready student, PD Ports

“I got to learn about the working environment at PD Ports and how everyone works together in a close-knit team in the engineering department. I enjoyed being involved in and seeing many of the projects taking place at PD Ports at the moment and engaging with a variety of different people during this time.”

Jack Burt, Apprentice Technician, Volvo Trucks

“There are many aspects that I enjoy about my job with Volvo Trucks, but the main one is the range of work I am being exposed to. I get a lot of access to special tools, vehicles and equipment and really enjoy getting to know new people.”

Callum, Career Ready student, Virgin Trains

“Before my internship, I didn’t know what career I wanted to do and was considering university. I’m now considering a customer service apprenticeship instead.”

A day in the life of…Kathryn Charman, Pladis UK

Lewis Wilcock, Apprentice Technician, GIST

“I always enjoyed working on cars growing up, and when the opportunity came to work on HGVs, I jumped at it! The work is challenging, interesting and I am learning new skills.”

Zivile, NOVUS student, University of Huddersfield

“My work experience at Arla Foods gave me an insight in to the industry and meant that, going into the interviews for my placement year, I already had objectives that I wanted to achieve during the placement. CEVA provided me with work and responsibilities to help me achieve them! I worked on a number of quality improvements, which made an impact on the site and the company. CEVA were very happy about that and provided me with a great deal of training and support. I asked a lot of questions, learned a lot about the automotive industry and gained so many skills. This included leadership, because I got to lead a team that included a general manager. Logistics keeps the world turning – it involves problem solving, planning and making things happen and every day is different. I would advise anybody to investigate the great opportunities that logistics and supply chain offers.”

A day in the life of…Tienne Oates, Wincanton

Sam, Career Ready student, Virgin Trains

“Before Think Logistics, I was set on a career with the army, but now would like to work on the platforms with Virgin. I didn’t think that there would be as many roles as there are!”

Mirek, NOVUS student, University of Huddersfield

“My placement gave me a great opportunity to develop different skills on a personal and professional level, as well as developing my knowledge. All of this was gained from the practical side of the NOVUS scheme, which gives you the opportunity to go out to companies and gain real world experience. I spent my placement year with PZ Cussons, a manufacturer of personal care products based in Manchester – one of the 250 FTSE businesses, as Supply Planning Co-ordinator. My main duties were related to the planning of third party supplies of finished goods. PZ Cussons was a great place to get professional experience, working with a fantastic, supportive team.”

A day in the life of…Tamsir Chune, Pladis UK

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