Think Logistics workshops are delivered to secondary schools and colleges across the UK, free of charge. The Think Logistics workshop is designed to give young people an insight into the fast-paced, well paid world of logistics and to provide an understanding that the profession is much wider than its ‘trucks and sheds’ reputation. There is a chronic skills shortage in the logistics sector and current labour market information states that this will only worsen, as 49.2% of the workforce is set to retire by 2027 (LMI for All, 2019). As such, there has never been a better time for young people to step into logistics and step up the career ladder at pace!

Logistics has a wide variety of roles for young people, including those in digital, commerce, finance, and operations; the one-hour, virtual workshop will explore both traditional and non-traditional roles in the profession and demonstrate how logistics keeps Great Britain moving

The aims of the workshop are to:

  • Provide young people with a better understanding of what the logistics sector does
  • Raise awareness of the different routes into logistics, such as degrees, apprenticeships and direct entry roles
  • Encourage young people to consider logistics as a profession of choice when they are making career decisions

We have support from a wide range of companies and membership organisations, all passionate about inspiring the next generation. The companies we work with understand that the logistics sector needs to reinvent the way in which the sector promotes itself to young people and have committed to providing apprentices, graduates and other early career employees for workshop delivery. By providing encounters with relevant role models in the sector, direct from their place of work and that have passed through different educational routes, the workshop aims to inspire more students to “Think Logistics!”

If you would like to book a Think Logistics workshop for your school or college, please get in touch with our Programme Manager, Bethany Windsor: