Lots of new faces at quarterly Think Logistics meeting


Another great turnout at the quarterly Think Logistics Delivery Group meeting, held July 24th at AO Logistics‘ distribution centre in Crewe.

Regular attendees were there in force and joining them for the first time were a number of senior leaders from some of the UK’s largest logistics companies, attending to learn more about Think Logistics and how they can get involved and benefit from this fantastic initiative.


Our new supporters heard first hand from companies who have hosted an intern this year and the benefits that internships brought to their company.

There was an excellent discussion on the value of internships and we heard from several companies providing internships this year that have not done so before, explaining to the group the process they followed including the support they received every step of the way from Career Ready and the structure they put around the process.

All of these companies agreed they were very surprised at the ability and standard of work each intern gave to their business and all of the companies are keen to continue providing placements in the next academic year.

We are delighted that more Logistics companies are realising the benefits of internships and hope that more companies will join us to provide both work experience and a chance to showcase logistics to young people and the opportunities available.


At the meeting, we also heard from two Quality Analysts at AO  currently working on their apprenticeship scheme.

The first presentation was about AO collaboration with Crewe University Technical college on a number of challenges the business faces making day to day deliveries and the amazing solutions the students came back with.

The second presentation explained an internal project within AO to reduce the plastic it uses in its operations, again working with local education and also producing some fantastic and innovative ideas that may soon be used day to day by the company.

Both presentations were hugely impressive and are further proof of the natural ability, problem-solving skills and fresh perspective that young people can bring to an organisation.

Next Delivery Group Meeting

The next meeting will be held in Stockton on Tees on October 16th. We welcome all logistics companies to come along and learn more about what Think Logistics is doing to promote the sector to young people, how to get involved and how their businesses can benefit through supporting Think Logistics.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Ian Nichol on 07872 989158 or email ian.nichol@careerready.org.uki