Think Logistics is an award winning partnership between Career Ready, Novus Trust and a working group made up of over 40 logistics companies that promote the logistics profession to 11 – 22 year old people through workshops, mentoring, internships and support. The work we do is providing opportunities to the next generation of logistics professionals.

Think Logistics is a not for profit organisation that relies on sponsorship and support from organisations in the industry. The support we receive enables us to introduce the industry to young people and provide work experience opportunities throughout the U.K.

Since 2013, Think Logistics has delivered workshops to over 3,000 young people, provided a rapidly growing number of internships and built the support of over 40 leading logistics companies.

Our activities receive wide ranging coverage through multiple channels in the transport and logistics press and our supporter meetings attract some of the leading figures in UK transport and logistics.

The benefits to you

Directly Connect with Your Customers

Think Logistics is a well-established and high-profile project that generates significant interest across the UK transport press and social media. Think Logistics supporters, more than 40 logistics companies, meets quarterly at both NOVUS and Career Ready meetings and have regular networking events throughout the year, as well as frequent digital communication.

Increase Sales

You will have unparalleled, in-person access to senior decision makers from UK logistics companies through Think Logistics meetings. In addition, your company logo will feature in all Think Logistics communications, distributed to nearly 200 logistics professionals on a regular basis – consistently raising brand awareness for your company.

Targeted Marketing

Cut through the clutter of regular marketing and communications to easily and directly reach potential customers who want to hear about your products and services.

Give Your Staff Something to Smile About

Responsible companies like yours know how important it is to get staff involved in giving back to the community and the profession. Think Logistics provides the opportunity for your teams to help by supporting schools, colleges and universities in a variety of ways, including work placements and internships for students keen to learn more about the sector.

Added Value

Social Media Exposure

Think Logistics has thousands of followers on Twitter, many of whom work in the transport and logistics sector. In addition, our rapidly growing following on our LinkedIn page is made up of more than 80% Senior Managers from the logistics and supply chain sector, many of who engage with and promote our updates.

Networking with The Right People

The Think Logistics meetings have grown to become a close-knit collection of some of the leading figures in UK logistics. Network and share best practice with likeminded people that might be looking for your products and services.

Press Coverage

Think Logistics’ regular press releases feature heavily across the transport press. Our supporters are regularly referenced in communications and collateral.

Additional benefits through active support

Our Supporters

Think Logistics Supporters