Logistics is about moving and storing things (including people) around the UK and the rest of the world.

Look around you – virtually EVERYTHING you see has been handled by our industry whether it’s the chair you are sitting on, the clothes you are wearing or the food you ate for breakfast today – we moved it at some point.

Think about the last music festival you went to, how did the food, drinks, stage, toilets and even the artists get there? All by the Logistics industry!

Logistics is not just trucks, it includes trains, buses, aeroplanes, ships and warehousing. It is a diverse and exciting industry which rewards people who can work in a fast paced environment.

You will may have heard of companies such as UPS, Eddie Stobart, TNT, Royal Mail and DHL but there are 196,000 logistics companies operating in the UK alone, it is an industry which employes 1 in 12 people!

Why not keep up to date with the latest news in the industry and visit websites such as www.motortransport.co.uk or www.commercialmotor.com for free!